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The History of the 

Big Band Era

 Available only on premium paper with a linen wrap-around.


High-Grade Slick Hard Cover  ($69.88)

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     This book is dedicated to Bob Williams, my father. who was privileged to have his weekly radio show on WHO Radio, "Bob Williams Big Band Show".

During each show, he would feature several famous big bands that he was very familiar with. He'd talk about each featured band and their music then would play their music. 

 The show ran from the mid-70s through the early 80s. His show was on Saturdays from 10;30 pm until 12 am. Bob Williams Big Band Show was very informative and fun to listen to. The show flew by so fast that you didn't even realize it was an hour and a half long. 

     The big band era transformed popular music in the United States throughout the first half of the twentieth century. 

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Fresh From the Publisher

     Big band is a style of music defined by an ensemble of musicians, known as a jazz orchestra, playing together. Big band music includes complex harmonies and syncopated rhythms. A vocalist or instrumental soloist is often featured, adding a melody on top of the jazz orchestra. 

     This is the story of some of the era's most popular bands

King Baby Productions Location

     Interesting facts about King Baby Productions' home base.

     The National Biscuit Company Building, also known as National Biscuit Company Flats, is a historic building located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, United States. The heavy timber and masonry building was built in 1906. It initially served as a production and distribution facility for the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco). Architect William F. Wilmouth, who designed the company's buildings is also the architect of this four-story Neoclassical building. It was one of a few bakeries in the company that produced the Uneeda Biscuit, and it was one of three that produced a corn cracker in the mid-1920s.

     The National Baking Company would use this building until 1940. Later on, Look magazine used it for a warehouse. In 1995 the building was converted into a 54-unit apartment building.  It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

The King Baby Book Store 

Cosmic American Music Trilogy 

The Complete Story of Country Rock

Volume One

"The Golden Age of Country Rock and Its Resurgence" 

     The Cosmic American Music series took six years to compile. Volume one has 224 pages with 80 music artists and bands ranging from Buck Owen's, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Steve Earl, Nick Lowe, and Son Volt. The book has 400+ pictures, graphics, and logos.

(224 Pages)

Softcover ($25.27)

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Beat Generation

"The Silent Generationers"

     The Beat Generation was a literary movement that began after the Second World War and is known for its liberal attitudes towards life.

The Beat Generation was influenced by American culture and was broadly popular in the 1950s. The movement rejected traditional narrative elements of novels, short stories, and poems, and materialism. The writers in this movement valued things like the clear and explicit portrayal of the human condition, sexual liberation, and more.

High-Grade Glossy Paper Wrap Around Hard Cover ($69.88

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"Famous Monsters" More Monster for Your Money"

     This monster magazine is a nostalgic overview of monster magazines from the 1950s through the early 1990s. 

My magazine has plenty of memorable photographs of classic monsters and monster movies. 

The ads will bring back many memories of your "monster magazine" years. 

     It features several sub-genres, including monster movies, vampires, and science fiction. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

(125 Pages)

Coffee Table Book ($24.85)

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30 Years of  Celtic Music Concerts Hosted By The Celtic Music Association of Des Moines, Iowa

Everything you need to know about the CMA, including the history of the organization, a complete listing of all previous concerts, along with the biographies of each solo artist and every band. Beautiful pictures and a Fantastic layout.

(156 Pages)

Softcover ($39.36)


Volume Two

"Calling to Mind; More of the Old and More of the New"

     Number two of the Cosmic American Music trilogy. Volume 2 continues the Cosmic American Music journey. It has 80 more music artists and band history pages with over 400 sharp-looking pictures and logos. 

(228 Pages)

Softcover ($25.27)

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My First Ever 

Horror Short Story

               Number 1/28  of  My                 Comic Book Series

Cheap! Only $10

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"Exclusive Seafood Guide; Textbook Recipes"

     12 years in the making. A 200-page seafood cookbook, reference book, textbook, and biography. 

     As I said earlier, I've been preparing seafood for 40 years, working with all sorts of fish, crustaceans, reptiles, amphibians, and even sea plants. In this book, I'll briefly introduce each seafood category; then, I'll show you the recipes that correspond to the species found in the textbook part of the publication. There's also a brief biography at the end of my book. Two hundred pages of neat stuff! 

(200 Pages)

Soft Cover ($44.59) 

Hardcover ($58.59)

Both are printed on high-grade paper

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"French Quarter Restaurants of New Orleans"

     In my new book I about every significant restaurant that's in the district (even one of my favorites that has closed down.) I didn't mention many fast food national chain restaurants, but I did include some local Louisiana chain restaurants. I didn't include any recipes in this book, but you can find many recipes from these restaurants in my earlier publications. One of the special features of my book is each restaurant's complete core menu.

Top-grade paper and softcover ($40.00)


Volume Three

"The Music and the Moment of Change"

     The third addition to the Cosmic American Music trilogy. Cosmic American Music Volume 3 completes the Cosmic American Music journey. It has 80 more music artists and band history pages with over 400 sharp-looking pictures and logos. 

(216 Pages) 

Softcover ($25.27)

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The Sequel to the 1931 "Frankenstein" Movie

Number 2/18 of my retro comic book series.

Cheap! Only $10

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"Restaurant Digest"

The Best Restaurants  

 In the World

     Restaurant Digest is a compilation of my series of short magazines on regional cooking and some out-takes from my cookbook, "Exclusive Seafood Guide; Textbook Recipes."

     This new book will include diverse recipes, some simple, some complex, that you might have heard of or read before in the cookbook and magazine series. All the magazine recipes are classic recipes prepared in the restaurants where they were born. Recipes are from restaurants in Ireland, Oslo, Norway, Canada, and the U.S., to mention a few.

(240 Pages)

High-Grade Slik paper Softcover ($55.35)

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"A Groovy Look Back at the Flower Power Era"

A review of music and the happenings from the end of the Folk Era to the end of the Hippie Era. 90 bands and 90 songs from Ken Kesey's Psychedelic Era, the Fillmore East and West, the Monterey Pop Festival, the Summer of Love, Woodstock, and the Altamont Free Concert. A very colorful book with hundreds of far-out pictures and groovy memories. (228 Pages)  

Soft Cover ($25.70) 


The Complete 14 x 14 x14  Magazine Series 

Each magazine includes 14 restaurants with their signature recipes. A different city is featured in each issue of the 14 magazine series and is now completed.


[Magazine Issue 1]



[Magazine Issue 4]



[Magazine Issue 7]



[Magazine Issue 10]



[Magazine Issue 13]



[Magazine Issue 2]



[Magazine Issue 5]



[Magazine Issue 8]



[Magazine Issue 11]



[Magazine Issue 3]



[Magazine Issue 6


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[Magazine Issue 9]


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[Magazine Issue 14]


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