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Yuko Shimizu

YUKO SHIMIZU (清水裕子) is A multi-award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City. Yuko is an instructor at The School of Visual Arts and has almost 20 years of experience illustrating.

Her work includes multiple disciplines; from pages of The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, The New Yorker to WIRED, covers for DC Comic, Penguin, and Scholastic, advertising for Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Universal Pictures, SONY, Paramount, MTV, Nike, Hasbro, and Target, to name a few.

Additionally, she has collaborated with the Smithsonian Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Library of Congress. In 2020, collaboration with Artechouse brought her drawings to large-scale interactive experiences.

Yuko is a two-time Hugo Award nominee (2019, 2020), has won more than 15 medals from the Society of Illustrators since 2004, and was recently awarded the Caldecott Honor (2021), one of the highest awards for picture books, for her work on the children’s book The Cat Man of Aleppo (Penguin, 2020). Yuko was also chosen as one of the “100 Japanese People the World Respects (世界が尊敬する日本人100)” by Newsweek Japan in 2009.

FUN FACT: Illustration is actually Yuko’s second career. Although art has always been her passion, she had initially chosen a more practical path of studying advertising and marketing at Waseda University and had a career in corporate PR for 11 years before moving to New York to study art for the first time. Yuko graduated with MFA from SVA’s Illustration as Visual Essay Program in 2003 and has been illustrating and teaching since.


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Often Break

Words and music by Dave Granger and Clark Williams

Arranged by Clark Williams

October 1980

Time: 6:16

(Click our picture to listen to the original cassette recording)

If ever it's a rainy day

I pack myself up in my room

Then chase all the clouds away

Get myself back to you


Well I know that you're going to cry

Tears are running from your eyes

A piece of my love you take

Is one that so often break

If ever you're miles away

I'll think of you the way you are

Your shining hair your ruby lips

Then it don't seem quite so far

Harmonica lament break:


Very long jam session:

Repeat 2nd. verse


I Won’t Touch/Taking a Ride

Words and music by Dave Granger and Clark Williams

Arranged by Clark Williams

October 1980

Time: 9:40

(A song about getting over from being bullied)

You might think I've hidden my shame

of things I've said and done

Who am I to play this silly game?

When there's no way to tell if I've won

No way to tell if I've won


I won't touch

No, I won't feel

Won't hurt as much because it won't even seem real

Won't feel pain

No, and I won't feel sorrow

I'll just wait and wonder who I am tomorrow

Quick Harmonica break:

And freedom is something that everybody needs

But you can't chase it blindly

You can't run but must walk proud

No peace of mind comes with its finding

Peace of mind sure is fine, sure is fine

I'd like to find peace of mind


Eclectic guitars and forsaken dreams

Are kept in closets to hide them

I think it's time to open up the doors

To do our best to find them

Do our best to find them


Oh yeah!

It's time to touch

Yes it's time to feel

It's going to hurt so much

But it's the only way I'll heal

I'll feel pain and soon I'll feel sorrow

I'll wake up knowing

I'm so happy

So happy


(Lead-out harmonica solo then go into "Taking a Ride")

Art Studio Commune

East 6th and Grand Ave. Des Moines, Iowa, circa 1970 something. I had it in 1983, 84, 85.