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     Originally formed by the Kelly brothers from Sligo alongside fellow up-and-coming musicians Darren Roche and Cillian Doheny, Moxie first emerged as an exciting new voice on the Irish trad music scene in 2011 – pushing the boundaries of traditional Irish music, yes, but still playing in what could be described as a vaguely traditional style.

     The band released their debut album Planted in 2014 before Josh Sampson joined the band as a drummer – one of the first steps towards a big change in the group’s sound. 

     Moxie has since undergone a sort of metamorphosis, emerging in recent years with a new musical sound that would best be described as alternative folk. This new musical style has furthermore been augmented by the addition of a sixth band member – vocalist Julia Spanu.

     The band members themselves describe their sound as ‘alt-folk, with a vision to go beyond traditional roots’ saying that their music is an ‘a reflection of the times we live in today’. While the band's roots are in Irish traditional music, Julia’s pop-oriented writing style has expanded Moxie’s musical horizons, helping to craft a unique sound.

     If it’s accordions and banjos you’re after, fear not. The band’s traditional Irish roots peak through from track to track, though the overall flavor is distinctly pop and rock-infused.

     Moxie is a band for bold adventurers, who will bravely follow them on their wild journey, and one to watch.

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