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Irish music accordion virtuoso Jimmy Keane was born in London of Irish-speaking parents from Connemara and Kerry. His late father Jimmy was a magnificent sean-nos (old style) singer, and along with young Jimmy’s mother Mary, actively encouraged him to take up traditional Irish music.

Jimmy’s accomplishments are far-reaching. He has achieved astonishing and unprecedented success in competitive playing, having won five consecutive All-Ireland titles on the piano accordion. He has always been an avid collector and arranger of old tunes and is becoming increasingly known for his original compositions, many of which have become part of the mainstream of traditional Irish music around the world. He also has recorded and produced numerous albums

Many regard Keane as the premier exponent of traditional Irish music on the piano accordion. Noted University of Limerick Professor, composer, and musician Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin praised Keane as the "savior of the piano accordion." eMusic described him as "one of the true giants of Irish traditional music of the past fifty years," and the voice of Ireland, singer-songwriter Christy Moore, described Jimmy's playing as "wild and beautiful."



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Jimmy "Horse" Keane - Vocals

Jimmy Keane - box

The opening track and liner notes....

In 1987, the Horse and I had the notion to record an album together and this is the only track from that session which featured both of us together (at least within the same grooves). Instead of the full length album, we ended up with a five track EP (extended-play) 33⅓ RPM (revolutions per minute) vinyl record with the intention of completing a full length album with the very Irish notion of “near future”. That near future never happened as the Horse was killed in a work-related accident two years later on February 10, 1989. He had just turned 60 years of age on Christmas Eve, just 48 days before his death and about a month after burying his sister Kathy who died suddenly in January of 1989.




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