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     Hailing from Toulouse, France, Doolin' is an eclectic Celtic ensemble whose mastery of traditional Irish music has earned them an international following. Emerging in 2005, they have released acclaimed efforts like 2016's Doolin' and 2023's Circus Boy, which stand at the nexus of Irish and French folk-rock music.

     Named after an Irish fishing village and largely comprising two different families, Doolin' mixes various traditional and contemporary Celtic styles with elements of French folk and rock music. The band consists of brothers Nicolas Besse (guitar) and Wilfried Besse (vocals, accordion) and their cousin Sébastien Saunié (bass), along with Guilhem Cavaillé (fiddle) and brothers Jacob (whistles) and Josselin Fournel (bodhrán). Since forming in 2005, they have released three studio albums as well as the 2013 concert album Live in Lorient. After signing with Compass Records, the group traveled to the U.S. to record their 2016 self-titled fourth LP in Nashville, incorporating American roots music into their unique sound. 

     The band spent the next three years on the road, making critical appearances at major roots festivals in Canada and the United States. Doolin' began recording their follow-up effort in 2019, but like all live acts then, the COVID-19 lockdown damaged their momentum. Completed in Paris with legendary producers Olivier Lude and Patrice Renson, Circus Boy was released in 2023 and saw the group add new sonic textures emphasizing original material.

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