I've always loved art. My first college degree was in advertising and design. To help pay for that degree, I worked as a cook and was also a professional musician. After being on the road as a musician for many years, I decided to enroll in culinary school and become a Certified Chef. The category titles at the top of my home page and also to the right will direct you to those passions. I hope you enjoy my website. If you would, please check out my books and stuff in my publishing store first, then browes through the all the other pages of my site.



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"New Shilling Live"

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"Dublin Jack Of All Trades"

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"Streets Of London"

Recorded in Des Moines Iowa January 27, 2007

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Recorded by VTEC Productions:

Vigil Kleinhesselink, Terry Kleinhesseling, Eduard Zell, and Clark Williams

Mixed by: Rob Barrick

Hospitalities by: Smith & Williams, (Brian Smith, Clark Williams)

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