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I've always loved art. My first college degree was in advertising and design. To help pay for that degree, I worked as a cook and was also a professional musician. After being on the road as a musician for many years, I decided to enroll in culinary school and become a Certified Chef. The buttons on the bottom left of my home page will direct you to those passions. I hope you enjoy my website, but first, check out the recorded live concert link then later, browes through the all the other pages of my site.


Chef Clark....so, let's start of with some music.

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Getting into the groove with Edie Brickell

Here's "Sleeve" from the new record!

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Edie Brickell was a pioneer of sorts, reviving the gangly sound of hippie folk-rock in the late 1980s just before it became trendy. With her band New Bohemians, Brickell scored an unexpected Top Ten hit in 1988 with "What I Am," a dreamy, loose-limbed number that quietly stood in opposition to the heady materialism of the '80s. While the band never managed to replicate the commercial success of "What I Am," the song remained a staple of its era, and Brickell parlayed its enduring popularity into an unpredictable career that stretched over the decades. Following the disbandment of New Bohemians in the early '90s, Brickell spent some time on a solo career before experiencing a renaissance in the 2010s, first with the Gaddabouts and then with a series of albums with Steve Martin -- a stretch that culminated in the reunion of New Bohemians and the subsequent releases of Rocket (2018) and Hunter and the Dog Star (2021).

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